Just for a business match

We will find the supplier for you and the trade starts with Japanese Company. All communication will take place only between the parties. Commission based.

As your outsourcing agent

Not only the business match, but also keeping the relationship including communication will be offered by us. Fees are varied. It depends on the details of each job.

As your supplier

We send products based on our selection. Nevertheless, we are not the producers. You will need to pay the products with the service fee to us.

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Sake brewery tour and tasting at Yoshino Sake Brewery

On 10 February 2024, with an introduction from the sommelier at a Tokyo restaurant, we visited and toured Yoshino Shuzo, a sake brewery in Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture, and tasted five of the many varieties of the company’s Koshigoi brand: daiginjo, junmai daiginjo, ume (plum) wine, yuzushu and nigori sake. The company has been producing handcrafted …

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The only miso factory in Tokyo

We have just started to work as partners with Kojiya Saburoemon, this excellent miso company from Tokyo. Our company, MY Ho’okipa LLC, will be responsible for handling all deals between this miso company and you. Furthermore, we will propose the best methods of sending from Tokyo to your location. Typical Miso Brand name: Suzushiro no …

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The difference between hard water and soft water

Depending on the amount of mineral elements in the water, there are two types of water. One type of water that contains a lot of minerals is called hard water. Generally, the water in Europe is ‘hard water’. It is good for making stews of meat, fish, and so on.On the other hand, there is …

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